Discus Fish Breeders

Choosing the right fish for you operation is a decision that should not be taken lightly. This will determine the amount of upkeep and maintenance required to sustain a successful breeding venture. Should you choose the discus fish as an addition to, or to start an aquaculture operation you should be aware that there is a quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep necessary to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. If you are up for a rewarding challenge, enter the ranks of discus fish breeders:

Naturally to begin the journey to become discus fish breeders you will have to have two, a male and female to start the process. Early on it was believed that raising discus fish outside of a commercial operation was nearly impossible, but through trial and error of many discus fish breeders before you breeding in a home tank is now becoming a commonality.

discus fish breedersEnsuring that you have the optimal water as well as an appropriately sized tank are some of, if not the most important aspects focused on by successful discus fish breeders. If you have ever had the opportunity to raise discus fish, you are well aware of how tenacious these fish can be and should be well aware of their habitat requirements.

Just by judging the amount of extra effort that is involved with the care of these fish, most discus fish breeders can make an easy connection to figure out that their mating is not a walk in the park either. Putting two opposite sex fish into an aquarium is no guarantee that they will mate and produce offspring. Typically purchasing four or more and putting them into a tank together will yield better results. This allows the picky fish to personally decide who they will breed with. Sounds strange, but this is part of the reason this type of endeavor is definitely an interesting experience.

For those who are not experienced discus fish breeders, there are some telltale signs that the mating process has begun. The mated fish will guard their desired procreation space “ferociously” (said in quotes because, how ferocious can a fish really be?). Also the fish will vigorously clean and re-clean their prospected spot.

Once the partners have adequately prepared their breeding ground, the feminine fish will lay her eggs in a line and the male fish will come in and finish the job with a good fertilization. The two will swim around the eggs and remove the ones that the male fertilizer did not reach. Typical incubation period for the young fish is forty-eight to fifty-two hours. Once the small discus fish have reached that time period they will hatch and stay close to that spot for twelve to sixteen hours, as noted by many discus fish breeders.

discus fish breedersDiscus fish breeders have noted that during the first week the baby discus fish will feed on a food like material that is leaked off by the adult fish. The adults will spend the majority of this time teaching their offspring survival skills that will be necessary should they ever be released into the wild. These fish are notorious for their ducking and hiding ability.

Once you are sure that the young fish will not be eaten by the adults you can begin feeding them some starter food stuffs. It will only be about 3 months and then your discus fish will be at the age and size that you can begin moving them to another container, or even take them to market. Good luck in the exciting ranks of discus fish breeders!