Aqua Fish Farms

Aqua Fish Farms are where fish are grown and harvested commercially. This can involve the use of water-tanks, specialty fish enclosures, etc. Fish are grown domestically for numerous uses with the most popular being food. Aqua Fish Farms should not be confused with its close counter-part, fish hatcheries. The main difference between the two being that a fish hatchery is generally used to grow fish for the purpose of releasing them into their natural habitat. The most popular choices in fish species for Aqua Fish Farms are: cod, bass, tilapia, carp, salmon, etc.

One method of cultivating fish is called, Intensive Agriculture. Large quantities of fish can be grown by using this technique. The three major components to using Intensive methods for production are: O2, (oxygen), clean H2O (water) and copious amounts of fish food. Just as important as the first 3, a very large water filtering system will be needed to ensure that the fish in the Aqua Fish Farms have a clean habitat to grow in. By filtering the water the risk of harmful bacteria and/or algae is greatly reduced.

Aqua Fish FarmsUse of hydroponics and treating of the tank water is usually the best way to keep the environment clean and free of contamination. In the majority of Aqua Fish Farms, high protein commercial fish food is used for feeding. While this does lead to larger fish production, it does have its share of downsides for the farmer as well. One must watch out for parasitic worms, different types of fungal infections, lice, etc. Cultivating in this magnitude must be done with adequate ventilation, while monitoring nitrate levels of the water. This is not for the faint of heart.

The other very popular method of fish farming is, Extensive Agriculture. This method of farming utilizes the fish’s native environment for cultivation in the Aqua Fish Farms. By keeping them in their natural habitat the fish are able to get the necessary amounts of sun and will naturally be in their normal temporal climate. The fish will have access to their appropriate nutritional elements and should it be in short supply, it will be added to by the farmer. During this type of aquaculture the fish’s growth is exponential in Aqua Fish Farms. As this may seem like the best way to grow fish commercially, it is not without its pitfalls as well.

There is a much higher chance of algae getting out of control in this type of environment, statistically speaking. This is known as algal bloom, where the algae excessively reproduce at a highly accelerated rate. This can lead to nutrient starvation of the Aqua Fish Farms and depletion of the oxygen in the water as well. The algae will release chemicals that are detrimental to many fish populations and leads to substantial crop losses.

aqua fish farmsTypically raising of fish whose natural habitat is the cold water can lead to extreme profits. Many times cold water fish do not make the best crop to be raised commercially in Aqua Fish Farms. There are many entities currently that are looking into cost-effective and applicable methods of raising these fish commercially. Some of these countries include the United States.